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At 05:54 PM 11/9/2004, you wrote:

>These questions I am asking while utilizing a Debian/IC5.2 box.
>Having run the makecat, to build additional stores and catalogs using
>the foundation store as a base, all my new store(s) and admin sections
>do not have images and the admin UI does not load with the ssl
>certificate? Changing the path(s) only breaks something else. I am
>pointing the new stores to a users home directory. What are the
>recommended ways to accomplish this or should I just build within the
>default directories? Is there a security risk if you do this? Trying to
>use a different template breaks the images again. When I upload new
>images to the grayscale folder, IC does not pull the images from the
>grayscale folder even though the grayscale template has been specified
>in the admin section. If I drop them into the root folder they are
>pulled, is this normal?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Images have to reside in an httpd-accessible path, which in practice is a 
subdirectory of your document root (or the system-wide default document 
root). For the amdin images, the subdirectory is named interchange-5 for 
the most current version of the software, I believe.

- Ed

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