[ic] Customizing steps during order processing

Brian Kaney brian at vermonster.com
Thu Nov 11 11:26:01 EST 2004


I'd like to modify the ordering process, the step right after a user
places an order (i.e. during the step the orderline table is
populated).  Here's my example:

1) I added a "cost" column to the orderline table and would like to fill
it with the product cost.   

2) I have another new table that I'd like to populate with other session
information I've collected from the client.

How would I go about doing this?  I looked at the profiles.order, but
this seems to be for validating form fields.  I could add code to the
receipt page (and will if I have to), but this seems like a bad hack.

Thanks in advance!

- Brian

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