[ic] [image] tab making assumptions

Adrian P Wilkinson junk at puffin.org
Sun Nov 14 05:25:00 EST 2004


Have been having a play around with the image tag and have discovered that 
it is making certain assumptions regarding server configuration, at least in 
this instance.  For example, when trying to use 'makesize' it has reported:

image tag: Unable to create image 

The problem with this is that images are actually kept under 
/www/sitename/gfx/items/ so I've no idea where it picked up 
/www/www.sitename.co.uk/gfx/items/ from and everything else on the site 
appears to be workign as expected.  To get the above report I had to 
manually create the above directory structure in order to see where it was 
trying to output.

Even if it was reporting the correct directory (which might explain why I 
have to force=1 everything) it's having problems with the final 
"10100\10111.jpg" part of the line; is there any way to get IC/ImageMagick 
to be happier regarding the path and how do I go about fixing the image tag 
in order to get it to pick up the correct directory?

Regards, Ade. 

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