[ic] [image] tab making assumptions

Adrian P Wilkinson junk at puffin.org
Sun Nov 14 06:30:40 EST 2004


> For makesize= to work, [image] needs to know two values:
> a) ImageDir catalog directive (to properly form src=), and
> b) DOCROOT catalog variable (to know filesystem path where the resized
>   images are to be placed).

These were defined, but an over-zealous substitution in vi had caused the 
paths to be somewhat munged, so simply correcting the path details and 
restarting Interchange had the desired effect.

>> it's having problems with the final
>> "10100\10111.jpg" part of the line; is there any way to get 
>> IC/ImageMagick
>> to be happier regarding the path and how do I go about fixing the image 
>> tag
>> in order to get it to pick up the correct directory?
> What's your actual image name? Are you trying to have a literal escape
> character ("\") in the file name?

The actual image filename is "10100\10111.jpg" as in "10111.jpg" under an 
intermediatry subdirectory called "10100".  The slash is the wrong way 
because of the way our proprietory Windows administration application 
handles paths and filenames, etc.  Unless I receive any suggestions as to an 
easy way of getting the name rewritten on the fly to 10100/10111.jpg to make 
IC/ImageMagick happy then I'll get our programmer to do it during the output 
phase as it's also causing problems with window.open().

Regards, Ade. 

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