[ic] [image] tab making assumptions

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Sun Nov 14 08:00:56 EST 2004

> The actual image filename is "10100\10111.jpg" as in "10111.jpg" under an 
> intermediatry subdirectory called "10100".  The slash is the wrong way 
> because of the way our proprietory Windows administration application 
> handles paths and filenames, etc.  Unless I receive any suggestions as to an 
> easy way of getting the name rewritten on the fly to 10100/10111.jpg to make 
> IC/ImageMagick happy then I'll get our programmer to do it during the output 
> phase as it's also causing problems with window.open().

How about something like replacing the ITL [image] tag with Perl:

[tmp img]...image filename here...[/tmp]
[perl tables='products']
	# Convert \ to /
        ( my $path = $Scratch->{img} ) =~ s#\\#/#g;

	# Call the image tag
        $Tag->image({ src => $path, force => 1 });

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