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Jamie Neil jamie at
Wed Nov 17 10:12:48 EST 2004

Dinger, Jan wrote:
> You must definie the path to your perl installation: for example: /op/perl/bin/perl
> And then you must go to the interchange bin directory, and type: [perl path (look at the example)] ./configure 
> Remember the path do you type must be relative NOT document relativ 
> It must work fine. 

I'm trying to get the IC 5.2.0 debs working with a local perl on Debian 
Sarge but I'm having problems manually setting the perl path in all the 
scripts in the Interchange bin directory.

This looks like it might be the solution but my configure script seems 
to be missing:

   server:/usr/lib/interchange/bin# /usr/local/bin/perl ./configure
   Can't open perl script "./configure": No such file or directory.

Is this a Debian thing or am I looking in the wrong place?

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