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Jamie Neil jamie at
Wed Nov 17 10:20:39 EST 2004

Jamie Neil wrote:
> Dinger, Jan wrote:
>> You must definie the path to your perl installation: for example: 
>> /op/perl/bin/perl
>> And then you must go to the interchange bin directory, and type: [perl 
>> path (look at the example)] ./configure Remember the path do you type 
>> must be relative NOT document relativ It must work fine. 
> I'm trying to get the IC 5.2.0 debs working with a local perl on Debian 
> Sarge but I'm having problems manually setting the perl path in all the 
> scripts in the Interchange bin directory.
> This looks like it might be the solution but my configure script seems 
> to be missing:
>   server:/usr/lib/interchange/bin# /usr/local/bin/perl ./configure
>   Can't open perl script "./configure": No such file or directory.
> Is this a Debian thing or am I looking in the wrong place?

Ooops. I just reread your post and think I may have the wrong end of the 
stick - you're referring to the source tree rather that an _installed_ 
copy of Interchange aren't you?

So does anyone know what changes are necessary to make an _installed_ 
copy of Interchange (from debs) use /usr/local/bin/perl rather than the 
default? I had assumed that I just needed to edit the shebang at the 
start of every script in "/usr/lib/interchange/bin" but this causes 
server errors on half the pages.

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