[ic] [query] & [more] Error - (was [query] causes [more] to generate non-unique mv_cache_key)

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Wed Nov 17 11:38:23 EST 2004

Sandy Thomson wrote:

>Its very difficult to debug your code, if we cant see your code, if you
>know what I mean.
For a simple test I put the following code into a page on my IC 5.2 demo 
site and I was able to reproduce my error:
[query sql="select sku from products where sku like 'os28%' order by sku"
<table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="0">
<tr class="categorybar">



[msg arg.0="[matches]" arg.1="[match-count]"]Matches %s of %s found.[/msg]


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