[ic] product options and upsell options

UrbanScooters.com (Frank Minero) frank at urbanscooters.com
Wed Nov 17 14:57:02 EST 2004

We’d like to list accessories on the main buy page using the UI features of product options (see an
example here; http://urbanscooters.com/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/GT-211-2003.html, the 1 Year Extended
Warranty would be the accessory in this case).  The trick is that we need these accessories to
appear with their own SKU.  Interchange product options are typically used for color selection and
the like and don’t let you list the SKU separately, the price of the option is added to the price of
the product and it is not listed separately on the invoice.

The basic idea here is we’re trying to upsell specific accessories with specific products at

Any recommendations of how we can get this done using product options or otherwise?  If there are
Interchange sites doing anything similar we’d love to check them out, too.  BTW
 We’ve explored the
cross-sell feature on Interchange and that’s not working for us.

We certainly will appreciate any help on this and will post the solution if we come across one.

Best Regards,
Frank Minero
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