[ic] History and bounce tag.

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Thu Nov 18 16:43:21 EST 2004

William Carr wrote:

> IC 5.2.
> I am creating some bread crumbs style navigation by going back through 
> the $Session->{History} array. It is very confusing if there is a page 
> in that array the user never saw because a [bounce] tag was invoked on 
> the given page. In other words, the use never saw the page so it 
> should not be in the history.
> How about:
>     pop @{$Session->{History}} in the bounce tag?

This isn't directly related to you question, but there is "breadcrumb" 
functionality built into 5.3 which you can download from the FTP site. 
Also, you can see it in use on the demo site.

Although this doesn't answer your question, it might save you some work 
if you can use the 5.3 code, or at the very least download it and look 
at how they handle it.


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