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Fri Nov 19 10:57:22 EST 2004

At 06:00 PM 11/18/2004, you wrote:

>I have searched High and low, and High and Low, and Haven't found a 
>downloadable non-threaded perl for Fedora Core 3, or red hat 9. I have 
>searched the icdevgroup site, and all over the internet.
>I have tried the newest perl, and even the developemental version of perl, 
>and during configuration, I select no to Threads when it asks.
>But after all the install, I go to install IC, it gives me a Can't install 
>because of Threads, type of answer.
>I wonder what I can do to either download a unthreaded perl, or somehow 
>make my perl install non-threaded.

I recently had a similar issue when doing some work for a client - even 
after compiling a non-threaded Perl to replace the system perl, I still 
received the 'can't run with threads' message when trying to start the 
interchange daemon. Somehow the Perl Config module was getting the wrong 
info about the way Perl was built on the system, generating a false 
positive on the threads test. My answer was to create a startup script for 
interchange which set the environment variable MINIVEND_FORCE_THREADS to 
true. That allowed the daemon to start in any case.

- Ed

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