[ic] Admin password no longer works, and it won't reset

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Fri Nov 19 16:54:15 EST 2004


Yet another "I lost my admin password."  Actually, I did not lose it, I 
know exactly what it is, but suddenly today it is not working.  I took 
an encrypted copy of my admin password from another server that holds a 
duplicate of the site in question, and replaced the value in access.asc 
with the working version, but it didn't work.  Then I realized I was 
using MySQL for the access table, so I edited my access table in MySQL, 
updating the password there, and that doesn't work either.

I'm about to pull a fresh copy of the catalog out of our CVS repository, 
but I figured I'd check to see if anyone could tell me how to get a 
working admin UI password in this case?

More importantly, can anyone tell me why it would suddenly not work? 
The files and tables are all in place, so I don't see what could have 
gotten corrupted or deleted or whatever.



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