[ic]Threads on Perl

Paul Arnold arnman at cox-internet.com
Fri Nov 19 18:26:11 EST 2004

>>>I have searched High and low, and High and Low, and Haven't found a 
>>>downloadable non-threaded perl for Fedora Core 3, or red hat 9. I have 
>>>searched the icdevgroup site, and all over the internet.
>>>I have tried the newest perl, and even the developemental version of 
>>>perl, and during configuration, I select no to Threads when it asks.
>>>But after all the install, I go to install IC, it gives me a Can't 
>>>install because of Threads, type of answer.
>>>I wonder what I can do to either download a unthreaded perl, or somehow 
>>>make my perl install non-threaded.
> I guess you have another copy of Perl which confuses your IC

This is what I have now, I reinstalled my FC3 and followed Brians 
instructions on vermonster. Everything I saw I typed in and all worked. I 
went to install the tar file of IC, and it started to install like magic. It 
went all the way through until it said
Writing /usr/local/interchange/auto/Interchange/.packlist
/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL force nocpaninstall= final=/usr/local/interchange

and it is just hanging there. In fact, it has been an hour, I left it just 
in case it was doing something in the background. and it is still on this 
I check TOP and perl was using most of my cpu.
Does it normally take this long? I even stopped it and ran make install and 
it still says the same thing.


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