[ic] problem on make install

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Mon Nov 22 12:55:39 EST 2004

arnman at cox-internet.com wrote:

> I am having a problem on the last part of installing IC. Here is what happens, of course I took out some of the repetitive listings, when I run ./configure in the IC dir
> [root at localhost interchange-5.2.0]# ./configure
>  Interchange Version 5.2.0 Configuration
>  Copyright 2002-2004 Interchange Development Group
>  Copyright 1996-2002 Red Hat, Inc.
>  Interchange was originally based on Vend 0.2 and 0.3
>  Copyright 1995, 1996 Andrew M. Wilcox <amw at wilcoxsolutions.com>
>  Distributed under the GNU General Public License.
>  See the file LICENSE for license information.
> Found Perl 5.8.5 as /usr/bin/perl
> If you get a CPAN error, rerun the configuration and it should go away.
> Interchange cannot be run as root. Which user should run Interchange? [interch]
> User name interch doesn't exist. Use anyway? [n] y

I think that you problems start with this line. It warns you about a 
non-exsistant user, which you are forcing to be used here. In the 
installation docs, for as far as they exsist, note that the interchange 
user must be available befor installation. I suspect your test to die 
because it tries to use an useraccount that doesnt exsist.
Try making the user before running the installation scripts and try again


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