[ic] No Credit Card Payment Option on some checkouts

Ethan Rowe ethan at endpoint.com
Tue Nov 23 07:09:34 EST 2004

Andrew Rich wrote:

>Hi All
>IC 5.3 upgraded from 4.8.9
>Original Foundation site converted to a Standard site (hopefully)
>Multi Page and Express checkouts.
>I have had a few calls and e-mail by customers unable to select the
>credit card form of payment when checking out.
>At least 2 customers have said that Interchange was saying credit card
>had expired and the details had not been requested yet!
>Could someone direct me at something to look for as I know we are
>loosing sales.
>Andrew Rich
>Maps Downunder

This is somewhat difficult to troubleshoot without really precise 
information.  Here are some ideas:
    - Are you using an mv_todo/mv_doit form variable of value "submit" 
in any of these forms that are complaining about the credit card without 
asking for it?  This would try to submit the entire order, and should 
only be used on the last stage of checkout.
    - For the credit card check to happen, either you need 
CreditCardAuto set to 1 in your catalog.cfg (in which case Interchange 
always validates credit card information whenever it's present in CGI 
variables submitted), or you are referencing a form/order profile in 
these forms that includes the &credit_card=standard check.  I suspect 
the latter.  In the forms causing trouble, look for hidden variables 
named "mv_form_profile" or "mv_order_profile".  The value of either 
should correspond to a) the name of a profile defined for your catalog, 
probably in etc/profiles.order or b) the name of a scratch variable set 
on the page using [set <name>]...[/set] -- the scratch variable is used 
as the profile in this case.  If you can find the profile in use, look 
for &credit_card, or perhaps &charge...  If this is the case, then you 
should *not* use that profile until the final checkout stage when you 
really want to submit the order and validate the credit card.

Hopefully this is of some value to you.  Good luck!
    - Ethan

Ethan Rowe
End Point Corporation
ethan at endpoint.com

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