[ic] Item display problems on emailed Report

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Thu Nov 25 09:01:02 EST 2004

Steve wrote:

>I have just started to get a strange problem in both my emailed order Report
>and Receipt. Instead of the items all starting on a new line, they now seem
>to be flowing on from each other on the same line.
>The only thing I can imagine would cause this is if the ending [/column],
>[/item-list] or [/row] tags were incorrect, but they all look fine to me.
>My code is:
>[item-list][row 82]
>[column width=10 gutter=1] [item-code] [/column]
>[column width=38 gutter=1 wrap=1] [item-field title] [/column]
>[column width=7 gutter=1] [item-quantity] [/column]
>[column width=13 gutter=1 align=r] [item-price] [/column]
>[column width=12 gutter=1 align=r] [item-subtotal] [/column]
>Can anyone see anything wrong with that code, or suggest anything else which
>might cause this problem?
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Change the last line to:




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