[ic] cart config error: Please specify the Localedirective in the configuration file 'catalog.cfg'

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Sun Nov 28 07:30:11 EST 2004

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> At 11:38 PM 5/18/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>>On Tue, 18 May 2004 14:32:37 -0700
>>"New Media E.M.S." <ic_users at newmediaems.com> wrote:
>> > Hi all -
>> >
>> > Perl 5.8.1, compiled with threads off
>> > Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5
>> > Interchange 5.0.1
>> >
>> > The catalog has been working fine, and the client says he has made no
>> > changes. He reported to me that he tried to reconfig the catalog
>> yesterday,
>> > and though the reconfig screen said successful, the changes did not 
>> > take
>> > effect. I confirmed this, and also know that reconfiguration was 
>> > working
>> > fine when I was setting up his store. A command line restart of
>> interchange
>> > produced this error:
>> >
>> > cart config error: Please specify the Locale directive in the
>> configuration
>> > file 'catalog.cfg'
>> >
>> > ...and now the catalog is completely offline. I've diff'd his 
>> > catalog.cfg
>> > and locale table against the foundation dist and there are no 
>> > differences
>> > of any consequence. Also checked for more obvious culprits like 
>> > carriage
>> > return contamination in config files; no dice. Anybody seen this one
>> before?
>>This can happen if the permissions on the locale database are amiss.
>>         Racke
> I did consider that, but the permissions on the file are the same as a 
> control catalog running under the same interchange, which is working fine.
> - Ed

Building a new catalogue, had fritzed around in the UI and variables.txt and 
cat config trying to get a different default locale to work... lo and behold 
catalogue wouldn't load with same error. 60 minutes or more later, comparing 
catalog.cfg and variables.txt etc and searching the maillists, thought I had 
'borked' the cat.  Couldn't get it too load. Identical error message.

Only thing that fixed it was to change in catalog.cfg

DefaultLocale   en_US

instead of

DefaultLocale   __DEFAULT_LOCALE__

__DEFAULT_LOCALE__  must have disappeared through some action I am yet 
unsure of.

Just thought I would post this to save anyone going through the same 
Will bring the cat back to life.


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