[ic] Long-lived co=1 bug

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 13:46:52 EDT 2004

There has been a long-lived bug that doesn't allow something like this
to work properly:

[loop search="fi=orders/ml=999999/st=db/sf=shipment_notification_sent/se=1/op=ne/nu=0"]
[loop-data orders order_number]

Even though the shipment_notification_sent field is set to 1 for every
record in the table, this has a ton of output, maybe all the orders. 
Adding co=1 fixes it, but this isn't a coordinated search.

I've reported this bug before, and someone told me it's a known bug. 
I'm using IC 5.2.  Is there any hope of this being fixed?

- Grant

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