[ic] Large usertrack file

Topastro topomorto at email.it
Fri Oct 1 14:09:22 EDT 2004

Ive put that in my crontab to delete all tracks older than 15 days....

00 22 * * * find /directorywhereivegotthecarts/*/session/* -mtime +15 
-exec rm -Rf {} \;


John1 ha scritto:

>I have noticed that our usertrack file is now 50MB.  
>Should we be rotating this file?  
>Will the size of this file start impact performance?
>What's the best way to rotate this file?
>Does anyone have a rotation script they would be happy to share?  
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Topomorto... per una sentenza sbagliata   :'(
Topomorto dice NO alla pena di morte... soprattutto la sua 

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