[ic] saving failed orders - SOLVED

Mark Little mlittle13 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 20:55:33 EDT 2004

I included this code in my ord/checkout.html page to
have any failed orders emailed to me. This may be
useful for anyone trying to capture failed order

[if type=explicit compare="[error all=1 show_var=1 keep=1]"]

[comment]Email error info[/comment]
	[set email_failed_order interpolate=1][email
		to="you at you.com"
                    subject="ERROR IN USER ORDER"
                    from="me at me.com <me at me.com>"
                    reply="me at me.com"]

		There was an error while the user submitted this order information :

		Username: [data session username]
       		First Name: [cgi fname] 
       		Last Name: [cgi lname]
		Address 1: [cgi address1]
		Address 2: [cgi address2]
		City: [cgi city]
		State: [cgi state]
		Zip: [cgi zip]
		Email Address: [cgi email]
		Day phone: [cgi phone_day]
		Night phone: [cgi phone_night]

		Credit card exp:  [cgi mv_credit_card_exp_month]
[cgi mv_credit_card_exp_year]

		Subtotal: [subtotal]
		Shipping: [shipping]
		Total: [total-cost]

[if items]
	:
	SKU	Quantity	Description	Price

	[item-sku]	[item-quantity]	[item-description]


[error all=1 keep=1 show_error=1 show_label=1 joiner="<br>"]
You may want to contact the customer to correct these issues.


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