[ic] Random missing order report e-mail

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Fri Oct 1 22:36:20 EDT 2004

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Thomas J.M. Burton wrote:

> I'm running a few catalogs through Interchange 5.0 and my clients have 
> recently been telling me that they are missing order report e-mails from 
> random orders. The orders are placed fine, the customer gets a receipt 
> e-mail, the order shows up in the Admin Orders Area, but no report 
> e-mail gets sent to the ORDERS_TO address.
> This doesn't happen with every order, but the frequency of incidents has 
> been increasing. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas of where to 
> look or suggested solutions?

This sounds like the unfortunately common Perl signals problem. If you're 
using /usr/sbin/sendmail to send mail, then you're calling a subprocess 
and can run into the same problems people often see with payment gateways 
or GnuPG failing. Search the list archives for "Perl signals" for details.


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