[ic] Imagemagick and "makesize" issue

C. Ford londonpartners at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 12:26:57 EDT 2004

I am looking for some assistance in getting
imagemagick working using the results_grid from the
demo.  Imagemagick is installed and I am able to get
thumbnails generated in other parts of my catalog, but
I believe the perl is what is giving me problems here.
 I’ve spent hours looking through the posts and can’t
find anything and this is the last issue I need to

I need to know the proper way to enable (if even
possible) “makesize” into the following (taken from

$record->{image} = $Tag->image({
				imagesubdir => "items",
				src => $record->{image},
				extra => "border=0",
				title => "[L]Click for more information.[/L]",
				alt => $record->{description},

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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