[ic] Allowing users to sort their search results

Steve interchange at bojanglesdesign.co.uk
Thu Oct 7 09:41:35 EDT 2004

I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here?

My search results appear listed in three columns and I would like the user
to then be able to chose which column they are sorted by.

Basically to have a one-click search link which performs the previous search
but with a different 'mv_sort_field / tf'.

Sounds simple enough but I haven't been able to work out an easy way to take
the current search spec and build it into a new one-click search. Any help
or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

This old message 
.html) mentions a new 'Search Reference' function being built into IC 4.9
but I haven't been able to find any other reference to it in the docs or
mailing list archives.

Many thanks


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