[ic] Left side menu

Howell Silverman howells at siliconcty.com
Fri Oct 8 09:06:04 EDT 2004

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately after following your instructions, I've
had no better luck.  I load the menu which loads the correct menu and click
publish.  The menu takes quite a while to load (perhaps its recreating it
each time from products.txt).  But it does load and I click PUBLISH.  After
some time (about 2 minutes) I get a message at the top that 908 items were
written to untitled.txt and will be available on the next access.  But the
same foundation menu on the left side continues to appear.  Figureing that I
need to" apply the changes" and restart, I did so, but still same thing.
Thinking that it was my browser cache, I cleared that.. no change and went
to a completely different machine that has never access the store before
with the same result.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

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