[ic] What is RPC Mode?

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Sun Oct 10 16:31:43 EDT 2004


I have tried using RPC mode lately because I was having trouble
with AuthorizeNet orders.  It (among other changes) did seem to
fix the orders problem but caused other problems, such as many
'random' internal server errors (such as refreshing the home page
and getting one every 8 page loads or something like that).  The
errors I could find weren't very enlightening ... malformed
headers from ic in the apache logs and something about mysql in
the ic error log.  Instead of trying to fix that I tried
switching back to high traffic mode but using MaxServers of 20.
This seems to be working fine.  However, the problem is that I
have no idea what low, high, and rpc mode are and especially why
rpc mode is so different.  For example, does MaxServers 0 really
mean MaxServers infinity?  Searching the docs and mail lists over
the past month hasn't helped that much.  If there is
documentation on what RPC mode is can someone please point me to
it.  If not can someone enlighten?

Bryan Gmyrek

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