[ic] [total-cost] & [salestax] & manually added items

Carsten Jahnke carstenjahnke at web.de
Mon Oct 11 03:10:20 EDT 2004

Hello list,

for an SAP-OCI-interface implementation I put items (not existing in the
products db) manually into the users basket. Price, taxrate, description
etc. come per item dynamically from the interface (simple http-post
submission...), so I loop through $CGI and put these items into the
active cart:

push (@{$Carts->{main}}, { 
			comment => $long,
			supplier_id => $sup,
			taxrate => $tax,
			oci => 1, 

In the [item-list] I can access several item properties (e.g. taxrate,
price) only by using [item-modifier ...], that's ok and I can handle
that but how can I make [total-cost] and [salestax] at the end of my
basket page show the correct values including quantity,price and taxrate
of my manually added items?!?! :|
Do I have to add the items otherwise? As onfly-items? Who can help me?

contact : Carsten Jahnke
email   : CarstenJahnke at web.de

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