[ic] Interchange on Debian

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Oct 12 14:05:18 EDT 2004

Grant wrote:
> If you aren't totally settled on Debian, I suggest you give Gentoo a
> try.  Perl is installed with threads or not by setting a single flag,
> and there is an ebuild for interchange although it isn't yet in
> portage.  'emerge interchange' installs interchange along with all
> dependencies, including perl modules.  It works really really well.

Don't want to start a distro war, but although we seriously considered 
Gentoo, we felt that it's approach of continuous upgrade was a bit too 
bleeding edge for use on servers.

Debian is stable; has a long (maybe a bit too long ;)) lifecycle; has a 
well established community; is easy to upgrade between releases; and is 

The only other ones that we seriously considered were CentOS and White 
Box Linux which are attractive because they are Redhat based (which we 
know), have a (theoretical) 5 year lifespan, and are free. However their 
long term future is uncertain and we felt it was prudent to go with a 
more established distribution.

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