[ic] Interchange on Debian

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 14:23:01 EDT 2004

> Don't want to start a distro war, but although we seriously considered
> Gentoo, we felt that it's approach of continuous upgrade was a bit too
> bleeding edge for use on servers.

You really don't need to upgrade any more than you would like.  You
can stay on the bleeding edge by accepting non-thoroughly tested
packages with a single flag (or set the flag per package) and
upgrading all explicitly installed packages and their dependencies
every day with 'emerge -uD world'.  The opposite of that approach
(besides never upgrading) would be to run the glsa-check command as
often as you would like.  That tells you which currently installed
packages have security issues, and what can be done to resolve them
(i.e. upgrade package-a with 'emerge package-a').

- Grant

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