[ic] Interchange on Debian

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Tue Oct 12 16:24:13 EDT 2004

Jamie Neil wrote:

> Grant wrote:
>> If you aren't totally settled on Debian, I suggest you give Gentoo a
>> try.  Perl is installed with threads or not by setting a single flag,
>> and there is an ebuild for interchange although it isn't yet in
>> portage.  'emerge interchange' installs interchange along with all
>> dependencies, including perl modules.  It works really really well.
> Don't want to start a distro war, but although we seriously considered 
> Gentoo, we felt that it's approach of continuous upgrade was a bit too 
> bleeding edge for use on servers.
> Debian is stable; has a long (maybe a bit too long ;)) lifecycle; has a 
> well established community; is easy to upgrade between releases; and is 
> free.

If I were you I'd compile my own unthreaded Perl and install IC from 
source. It is actually a near no brainer. Only thing you have to keep in 
mind is what CPAN modules you want to include during Perl compilation, 
and some other questions asked by the installer. I have done it as well 
and I am not near close of being an experienced Linux user. Beyond 
newbee, but far from guru status :) You said that you already have alot 
of experience installing servers, so this shouldnt cause you any serious 
problems. I have compiled and installed my own PHP, Perl, Apache, 
Interchange, Qmail+goodies and a whole bunch of other suff without 
having much knowledge about Linux. It actually made me the Linux-nut I 
am currently because it made me realise how damn flexible the system is!
I run Deb sarge/unstable and have no issues at the moment. Doing a 
clean, stripped installation using the new Deb Installer should make 
things very easy for you. After that make a list of what you apps want 
and define installation order. If you work that way you should be able 
to install it effortless.


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