AW: [ic] Different Domainnames for one Shop

Grant emailgrant at
Tue Oct 12 21:04:09 EDT 2004

> >Hallo Tom.
> >
> > > I am not sure what you are asking exaclty, or what your purpose
> > > is, but cant
> > > you just set up ServerAlias in the httpd.conf file
> > > ServerName
> > > ServerAlias
> >
> >Thanks for your idea.
> >
> >The problem is not the HTTP server, it's more an Interchange problem that
> >you configure a static server name in the variable database.
> >Example :
> >You open the url The SERVER_NAME is set to
> >In the moment you hit a link on the website the url will change from
> > to
> >Some users can be confused about that.
> >
> >I'll have a look about that what Sandy had written a few days ago.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Lars
> I coded this before, for a client, some time ago. I'm not sure if the ever
> used it. The basic approach was to first set apache to use the same IP,
> document root and script alias for the various different domain names. Then
> the key variables, such as SERVER_NAME, were defined directly in
> catalog.cfg (instead of variable.txt) with their initial values. Finally, a
> block of Perl in an Autoload would examine the inbound URL modify the
> values of the key catalog variables accordingly. In the case of this
> client, store names, logos, order emails, and other things were dependent
> on the domain name, my code did a lookup in a table that was keyed on
> domain to get the other values.
> I spent a bit of time looking through my archives to see if I could post it
> for you, but I was unable to locate a copy, and it has been so long...
> - Ed

Hi Ed,

I'm very interested in setting something like that up.  Any advice on
getting it running?  Potential pitfalls?  Was it as straightforward as
you make it sound?

What would the value for SERVER_NAME be with a multiple-domain setup like this?

- Grant

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