[ic] Different Domainnames for one Shop

Lars Tode tode at bpanet.de
Wed Oct 13 11:05:21 EDT 2004

Hallo Ed.

> I recall that it worked fine, but it was some time ago. The
> variables that
> are to be assigned dynamically, like SERVER_NAME, can have any arbitrary
> initial value, since they are reassigned immediately anyway. There may be
> pitfalls, I really don't know.

I don't how how interchange handle the catalog.cfg, but is there a
possibillity to move the SERVER_NAME from the variable.txt to the
catalog.cfg ?
The idea is to use an UserTag as value for SERVER_NAME.
If Interchange parse the catalog.cfg only once and the take the result the
UserTag return after reboot the ic server, that would not work (if UserTags
are allowd as value).



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