[ic] Prices and Totals Rounded in the Order Manager - IC 5.2.0

Jeromie Clark jeromie at smoothjazz.com
Mon Oct 18 14:34:59 EDT 2004

Hi Ed -

All of the values are actually being stored (correctly) as strings in MySQL.
I've upgraded from one of the 4.x versions of IC -- most recently 4.8.2 
-- the schema I'm using was the one supplied by makecat.

I'm in agreement with you in that I think there's some type-shifting 
going on, like the values are being converted from double to int at some 

Jeromie Clark

> Check the field type for these fields in your MySQL database - perhaps 
> they are set to the wrong numeric type and this is causing the 
> rounding/truncation.
> - Ed

>> I suspect this is a bug with the admin interface -- prices are 
>> displayed correctly to my endusers, and in the reciepts and logs.
>> When I view an order in the Order Manager, the prices all appear to 
>> be integers, rounded to the nearest dollar.
>> Specifically, the Line Total, Item Total, and Grand Total. 

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