[ic] Interchange on Debian

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Oct 19 04:17:00 EDT 2004

Henrik Holmboe wrote:
> ++ 12/10/04 10:43 +0100 - Jamie Neil:
> [...]
>>Can anyone give me some best practice tips on using and managing 
>>interchange in a Debian environment?
> Hello list (my first post),
> Ive been using Debian for a while, but somewhat new to Interchange
> (still putting the last bits in for the first production
> installation). I will share how I do this on my demo server. Im
> running with threaded Perl on that machine for now, which of course
> the production server will not.

I've compiled a non-threaded perl in /usr/local which seems to work OK 
(basic tests). I know the Redhat IC RPM install defaults to using the 
perl in /usr/local, but I'm not sure about Debian. Does anyone know if 
there is there any way of telling which one it is using?

> Ok, here goes.
> Put this in /etc/apt/preferences:
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release o=Debian,a=stable
>    Pin-Priority: 400
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release o=Debian,a=testing
>    Pin-Priority: 900
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release o=Debian,a=unstable
>    Pin-Priority: 300
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release o=Debian
>    Pin-Priority: -1
>    Package: *
>    Pin: origin people.debian.org
>    Pin-Priority: 1001
> Modify to your taste. As you can see here I have pinned most priority
> to testing (Sarge). Read more on pinning on
> <http://www.argon.org/~roderick/apt-pinning.html>.

Rather than doing this with pinning, I have simply set the default to 
testing (Sarge) and am selectively installing from unstable.


> After this step you run 'apt-get update'. After this you should be
> able to do:
>  apt-get install interchange/unstable \
>  interchange-ui/unstable \
>  interchange-cat-foundation/unstable
> I didnt run this to verify that it will install all dependencies
> (since you pin to testing), but if it complains, just add it to the
> list.

This is where I came unstuck. Interchange and interchange-ui installed 
fine, but interchange-cat-foundation fails. I'm not sure what the error 
was (I didn't make a note) but after purging all three packages and 
trying again (I thought previous stable versions that I had installed 
might be causing problems) I got exactly the same error.

Has anyone installed interchange-cat-foundation 5.2.0-2 from unstable 
sucessfully on Sarge?

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