[ic] User tracking

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Thu Oct 21 06:53:27 EDT 2004

I've found the usertrack file very useful for both troubleshooting and 
generating accurate ROI stats etc. However when you're serving 500K 
pages per month it quickly grows unmanagable, so I've been rotating it 
once a month and compressing and archiving the old logs.

This works ok but means that only the current months stats are easily 
available to me for producing reports. What I'd like to do is log the 
same kind of information to an SQL database which will (hopefully) be 
more scalable and faster/easier when generating reports.

Has anyone done this and if so could they give me some tips? I was 
thinking about putting a block of perl in an Autoload, but I'm not sure 
whether this is the best approach.

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