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Thu Oct 21 07:56:50 EDT 2004

Hi Jamie,

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jan van Dijk
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>>> jamie at 21-10-04 12:53:27 >>>
>I've found the usertrack file very useful for both troubleshooting and

>generating accurate ROI stats etc. However when you're serving 500K 
>pages per month it quickly grows unmanagable, so I've been rotating it

>once a month and compressing and archiving the old logs.

>This works ok but means that only the current months stats are easily

>available to me for producing reports. What I'd like to do is log the

>same kind of information to an SQL database which will (hopefully) be

>more scalable and faster/easier when generating reports.

>Has anyone done this and if so could they give me some tips? I was 
>thinking about putting a block of perl in an Autoload, but I'm not
>whether this is the best approach.

>Jamie Neil | <jamie at> | 0870 7777 454
>Versado I.T. Services Ltd. | | 0845 450 1254

I see that you know quite well what you want, but I would like to
mention AWstats,
we use it for more than a year now and we (including our marketing
guys) are very excited
about it. It's easy to install and maintain and gives a lot of usefull
It is available in many languages (even Dutch !) and of course it's
If someone is intersetd, i can mail some real samples.

bye, Jan

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