[ic] HELP - Inktomisearch stuck on ord/basket.html page

Andrew Rich andrew at itdownunder.com.au
Mon Oct 25 18:46:02 EDT 2004

Hi All

I have resubmitted this message as I have received no reply and really
need some help.  With Inktomisearch resulting in higher load I am
experiencing  high traffic problems of occasional PGP and Sendmail
failures.  Obviously setting high traffic mode would help with the
failures but does not treat the problem of 10000s of hits on this page.

RH 7.2
MYSQL 3.23.58
IC 5.3.0-200410080658
Perl 5.6.1

I have been having a problem of Inktomisearch getting stuck on our
ord/basket.html page.

I initially stopped it by adding an entry to robots.txt for
/cgi-bin/cartname/ord/basket.html and this pushed it off the page.

I then thought orders were reduced and removed the entry from
robots.txt.  Inktomisearch came back and became stuck on the page again.

I upgraded from 4.8.9 to 5.3 and again it is still getting stuck but no
session are generated now no I am not running out of disk space anymore!

Last month I believe it generated at least an extra 18Gb of traffic!

This additional traffic has caused a few high traffic problems with
failed e-mail and pgp failures also.

We have removed all entries from robots.txt at the moment.

Is there any changes we can make?

Andrew Rich

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