[ic] Discount-Price on Flypage & Results

Mathew Jones mat at thinkopensource.com
Wed Oct 27 01:04:57 EDT 2004

Mark Little wrote:
> --- Mathew Jones <mat at thinkopensource.com> wrote:
>>On the shopping cart and checkout page the discounted price displays
>>correctly using the 
>>[item-discount-price] tag.
>>When I use [item-discount-price] on the flypage or results page, it just
>>prints out
>>"[item-discount-price]" to the page.
>>Is there another way thats not documented to display the discounted price on
>>a flypage or results page?

> Mat,
> On those pages, I use the following:
> [currency][calc][item-price noformat] * [scratch
> discountLevel][/calc][/currency]
> In your case, you could just put this on those pages:
> [currency][calc][item-price noformat] - 5[/calc][/currency]
> Let me know if this works.
> Mark

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the response. That is a workaround that I know I could use, although it becomes a pain to 
manage if you have to change the calculation in several places everytime you change a discount.

[item-discount-price] should be available for use on the flypage and results. It makes sense for it 
to work, otherwise customers wont know they are buying discounted items until they reach the 
cart/checkout. Theres no point having discounts if the customers dont see the discounted price while 
browsing the site.


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