[ic] Stopping zero shipping in checkout breaks Account Maintenance page on storefront

Kip Lawrence kip at jkcrafts.com
Fri Oct 29 13:17:41 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

As suggested in another email on this list I added the following code to 
my catalog.cfg file under the COMMON_ORDER_PROFILE. This code makes it 
so the a shopper can not checkout with a zero or blank shipping amount.

---------- code
[tmp shipping_amount][shipping noformat=1][/tmp]
       if($Scratch->{shipping_amount} > 0) {
           $CGI->{has_shipping} = 1;
       else {
           $CGI->{has_shipping} = '';
has_shipping=mandatory Zero-cost shipping not allowed. Please contact us.
---------- code

Unfortunately this code has the side affect of making it so you can not 
edit an account on the storefront. In the foundation demo you can get to 
the page having the problem by logging in, clicking on service then 
clicking on account maintenance. On this page you will always get an 
error when you click on Save Acct Info at the bottom of the screen.

So my question is: Has anyone been able to stop shoppers from getting 
zero shipping but not broken the account editing page?

Thanks for any help,

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