[ic] Stopping zero shipping in checkout breaks Account Maintenance page on storefront

Kip Lawrence kip at jkcrafts.com
Fri Oct 29 16:48:27 EDT 2004

>> Hi everyone,
>> As suggested in another email on this list I added the following code 
>> to my catalog.cfg file under the COMMON_ORDER_PROFILE. This code 
>> makes it so the a shopper can not checkout with a zero or blank 
>> shipping amount.
>> ---------- code
>> [tmp shipping_amount][shipping noformat=1][/tmp]
>> [calc]
>>       if($Scratch->{shipping_amount} > 0) {
>>           $CGI->{has_shipping} = 1;
>>       }
>>       else {
>>           $CGI->{has_shipping} = '';
>>       }
>>      return;
>> [/calc]
>> has_shipping=mandatory Zero-cost shipping not allowed. Please contact 
>> us.
>> ---------- code
>> Unfortunately this code has the side affect of making it so you can 
>> not edit an account on the storefront. In the foundation demo you can 
>> get to the page having the problem by logging in, clicking on service 
>> then clicking on account maintenance. On this page you will always 
>> get an error when you click on Save Acct Info at the bottom of the 
>> screen.
>> So my question is: Has anyone been able to stop shoppers from getting 
>> zero shipping but not broken the account editing page?
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Kip
> Instead of adding it to the common order profile, add it to the 
> payment-type checkout profile(s) that you use.

Thank you Ed!

You got me looking in the right place. In case anyone else has this 
problem the file I ended up making changes to was in my 


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