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Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Sun Oct 31 03:15:45 EST 2004

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 10:34:41 -0400
DB <DB at M-and-D.com> wrote:

> >> In addition to the normal orders from my IC site, I also get orders
> >> from an external non-IC source. These order contain all the info I
> >> need such as name, address, items, payment info etc. They arrive in
> >> XML format, but I can easily extract the data to some type of text
> >> format.. tab delimited for example.
> >> 
> >> I'm running 4.8.9 but will soon be upgrading to 5.2 or whatever is 
> >> current when I get around to upgrading.
> >> 
> >> What would be the best way to convert these external orders into
> >> normal orders in my IC site? I could import the data into the
> >> transactions and orderline tables, but what about generating the
> >> order numbers? Any advice or existing code?
> > 
> > Either you can use a script for the import or an Interchange job.
> > For generating order numbers you can use the same mechanism as
> > Interchange (counter files) or switch Interchange to use MySQL's auto
> > increment for generating order numbers:
> > 
> > Route default sql_counter "transactions:transactions (code)"
> > 
> > Bye
> > 	Racke
> Thanks for the reply. Sounds like this might not be as difficult as I 
> thought. I have a couple more questions if you don't mind.
> By "use a script for the import" I assume you mean importing the text 
> file data directly into the mysql tables? This would not generate the 
> emails that the merchant receives.. correct?

With an external script you can import the order data from the XML files
into the MySQL tables. This would not trigger any extra actions like
emails compared to a normal order via Interchange.

> I do not know what you mean by "an Interchange job" - when I search the 
> archives for that I find posts about employment :) Can you explain 
> Interchange jobs or point to some docs?

You probably didn't search hard enough. I did a couple of posts in this
list concerning jobs. 


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