[ic] ic 5.2 simple options problem

Olaf Kolling kolling at w3welt.de
Sun Oct 31 08:19:54 EST 2004


i'm running a shop with ic 5.2. and mysql as database.

Today i tried to create items with simple options but with no success.

After i selected "Simple Options" i'm on the "create a new option"

When i enter the option data here and then press the button "Create
Option" i again get the same, empty page.
At the same time i get the following entry in error.log (one long
line): CmC7shqV: - [31/October/2004:14:08:56 +0200]
kiesel /cgi-bin/kiesel/admin/item_option_old.html Safe: DBD::mysql::st
execute failed: Column 'sku' cannot be null at
/usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 1386.

I noticed there is a new entry created in the options table.
But with an empty field "sku" and instead the item-sku in the

Any idea?
Thanks for your help in advance...

    Olaf Kolling


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