[ic] Re: Shipping calcs with gift certificates

M Gruenhagen melissa at retrodiva.com
Wed Sep 1 14:50:08 EDT 2004


This is a quote from a previous thread:

Bob Puff at NLE wrote:

> I've got a cart that uses gift certificates (called Donations).  The
> shipping formula is based on the total amount of the order, not by
> weight.  ($1-$50 is $5, $51-$100 is $10, etc..)
> The problem is the customer doesn't want the donation amount (gift
> certificate) to add in to the formula used to calculate shipping.  So if
> the cart has $100 of product and $50 of gift certificate, they want the
> shipping formula to reflect the amount based on $100.
> Would this require some perl in the catalog.cfg, or where (and what)
> would this entail?

You might want to have your shipping table (shipping.asc or whatever)
utilize a usertag/subroutine to calculate shipping (it could also do the
tiered pricing you mention above instead of doing that via separate
shipping.asc entries).

In that same routine, you could handle/omit gift certificates.  I
assume there is something about your gift certificates that identify
them as such.

You can loop through the items in the cart with:

     for my $item (@$Items) {
         Add to shipping_total unless gift certificate
         Cart data in this loop is accessible as $item->{quantity}

Use the [dump] tag if you are not familiar with the @Items structure
and contents.

-John Young

Have you actually been able to get the Gift Certificate feature to work? If
so what version are you using and what did you need to go through to make
this happen? What is the output? Meaning what does the customer have to do
to obtain and then redeem to G/C?

So far all the documentation we've seen has suggested that the G/C feature
is buggy and that no fix had been found yet.

With Christmas coming I am eager to get this feature working on my site. I
would like for customers to be able to purchase G/C's in $25, $50, and $100
denominations and multiples of each to reach their desired amount. I then
would like them to be able to pass along some sort of code that allows only
the person who has the G/C info to log in and redeem their gift certificate?
I've seen that interchange looks like this should be able to be done. As it
seems like you can assign a username and password on the G/C table. But
getting it to work has produced no viable results.

If someone has found a workable solution I would really appreciate it. We
are currently on version 3.8 but have been told we will be bumped up to
5.2.0 sometime soon.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Melissa Gruenhagen

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