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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Sep 3 11:09:23 EDT 2004

Greg McClure [gmcclure at gmail.com] wrote:
> I've got to say I'm as frustrated as this gets. I've worked on
> integrating a simple IC catalog with Authorize.Net and I've come up
> with a site the replicates, basically, the behavior in the tutorial
> catalog along with shipping and tax features that I incorporated from
> the somewhat Byzantine, terse, occasionally contradictory
> documentation that is located at the RTFM site -- RTFM implying, I
> suppose, that if you do read the manual(s), such as it is, you won't
> have to ask any questions except for those relating to the most
> esoteric integration requirements.
The interchange manual is mostly a technical reference, rather than
a "howto".  This style varies in places, but Interchange does involve
a steep learning curve.

The Interchange documentation effort would be greatly helped if people
would submit changes or new text.  After spending some time struggling
with something, and eventually succeeding, it would help if the results
of your effort could be submitted, either as documentation for direct
inclusion, or a short "howto", posted here.

Any incorrect or contradictory documentation should be pointed out,
otherwise it'll never get fixed.

By the way, I must admit that I had to look up what Byzantine meant:


It didn't help me much though.  Perhaps I should complain to WordNet
or Webster. :-)

> And yet I see there have been a number of posts to this list from
> those that have gotten to a point where they're willing to pay for
> help. I don't quite know what to make of that. It seems to me that
> truly straightforward implementations of IC should be well documented,
> including credit card integration examples, and especially considering
> the technical maturity level of this project, how many years it has
> been going on and how many times I see the same questions repeated
> over and over again on the mailing list archives.
Interchange is free software (in all meanings of the word), and so the
only cost to you is time.  That time can either be your own, or you
can pay for someone else's.  There are lots of Interchange consultants
to choose from these days.

This mail list is the correct forum for asking questions that are not
answered in the Interchange documentation, and haven't been asked and
answered in the past.

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