[ic] Easiest way to display price inc VAT/TAX??

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Sat Sep 4 06:31:24 EDT 2004

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> Alternatively, here is Jamie Neil's solution:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-May/033058.html

The above tag is still in use in a couple of catalogs, but I think if I 
were to do it again I would probably try a different approach.

Something to bear in mind if you do use it, is how to put the prices in 
the database so that when the tax is added it results in a nice number 
(e.g. £9.99). I ended up putting all the prices in the database 
inclusive of tax, and then subtracting the tax using a "subtax" tag at 
the end of the commonadjust chain. So I'm storing the prices in the 
database inclusive of tax, subtracting the tax using a tag with 
commonadjust, and then adding it back on again using another tag - 
hardly efficient!

The real problem is that Interchange treats sales tax as something that 
is added to the basket to produce the final total, much like shipping 
and handling charges. I assume this is common practice in the US, but it 
it makes it hard to deal with the situation of consumer sales in the UK 
where tax is normally built in to the prices and a tax total needs to be 
  displayed on the receipt.

Maybe a good way of doing it would be the addition of a "TaxIncluded" 
catalog directive that would tell interchange to treat all database 
prices as inclusive of tax. The salestax tag could then calculate it's 
total by _subtracting_ the tax from the prices and the subtotal and 
price tags could have an "includetax" parameter that determined whether 
the value was displayed with or without tax.

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