[ic] Apache question

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sat Sep 4 23:26:18 EDT 2004

George Osvald [mail at okstudio.com.au] wrote:
> I am running Apache2 on Debian Unstable.
> On my test machine I have a default apache server called p200 (also the
> machine name) and a virtual server called okshop. When I go to the index
> html of the interchange shop the links point to http://okshop... but
> after I click on that and get to actual catalog all links point to
> http://p200...... 
> All settings seem to be correct. What am I missing?
> (I tried rewrite but that's more a workaround than a solution)
Check the value of your SERVER_NAME variable;  It's probably set to

While you're editing your "products/variable.txt" file, you should also
scan it for other instances of "p200" and correct whatever you find.
Your SECURE_SERVER, and various other variables may be misconfigured
in the same way.

You will need to restart Interchange, or reconfig the specific website,
before your variable changes will take effect.

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