[ic] mod_interchange and PHP

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Tue Sep 7 12:19:15 EDT 2004

I'm using mod_interchange 1.3 with IC 5.2.0. Yesterday, I moved my 
catalog location to "/", so my catalog is now at the root domain, with 
no extra directory.

Previously, I had some files in the document root for apache that I 
needed apache to serve. Since my catalog had a directory for the 
location, they worked great.

Now, after moving to "/", I added the files and directories to the 
OrdinaryFileList directive. And everything works fine, except for .php 
extensions. They get downloaded, rather than processed.

I'm not sure what the problem might be, since you would think 
mod_interchange would have already handed things over to apache. Other 
php files on other hosts I serve with apache work fine.

Here's my mod_interchange config:
<Location />
   SetHandler interchange-handler
   InterchangeServer /usr/local/interchange-520/etc/socket
   DropRequestList /default.ida /x.ida /cmd.exe /root.exe
   OrdinaryFileList /images/ /style/ /robots.txt /favicon.ico /t.php 
/shop/ /shop1/ /shop_dev/ /sm1/ /survey/

You can see that I have 10 entries for OrdindaryFileList, the max. I 
_did_ just recompile mod_interchange to allow for 15 such entries, but 
then decided I could cut my number down to 10.

Test pages:

(very old catalog entrance)

(test page that echoes "hi there")

Thanks for any ideas...

Josh Lavin
Kingdom Design   http://www.kingdomdesign.com/

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