[ic] mod_interchange and PHP

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Sep 8 02:51:45 EDT 2004

Joshua Lavin [joshua at kingdomdesign.com] wrote:
> I'm using mod_interchange 1.3 with IC 5.2.0. Yesterday, I moved my
> catalog location to "/", so my catalog is now at the root domain, with no
> extra directory. 
I assume you mean Apache 1.3.x and the latest mod_interchange version.

> Previously, I had some files in the document root for apache that I
> needed apache to serve. Since my catalog had a directory for the
> location, they worked great. 
> Now, after moving to "/", I added the files and directories to the
> OrdinaryFileList directive. And everything works fine, except for .php
> extensions. They get downloaded, rather than processed.
> I'm not sure what the problem might be, since you would think
> mod_interchange would have already handed things over to apache. Other
> php files on other hosts I serve with apache work fine.
I don't have PHP available to me on any server I have access to, so
I can't test for this.  In theory, the OrdinaryFileList should hand
the request back to Apache to deal with, but this will depend upon the
way the PHP handler is set up, I suspect.  I have heard reports that
this hand-off works for cgi-bin, so it ought to work with PHP - in

I can't really help without access to play with your config.  Sorry.
Perhaps someone else on this list has set up PHP along with Interchange
(I can't think why :-) and can offer some suggestions.

With appropriate access to your machine, I could probably find a
configuration that works - or may be able to work out what changes need
to be made to mod_interchange to support PHP hand-off.

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