[ic] troubles with modified database

Patrick Donker list-account at webpagina.nu
Fri Sep 10 18:15:33 EDT 2004

Jamie Neil wrote:

> Patrick Donker wrote:
>> I've added some extra colomns to my mysql products table to flag the 
>> movie genre we sell. I have defined the colomns as Char(1) Binary null 
>> default 0. What I'd like to do is using the UI flag the titles using 
>> checkboxes on their respective genre. Most titles will have multiple 
>> checkboxes set and colomn names are named after their genre. Trying to 
>> achive this I have ran into some dificulties that I havent been able 
>> to solve by both searching the archive and reading the docs.
> If you trying to do what I think, then we went down the same path and 
> ended up doing it a different way.
> We wanted to be able to define a number of cross category groups such 
> that a single product might belong to multiple groups. After a number of 
> failed attempts our solution was to create a single field that stored 
> zero or more group codes separated by spaces. This field could then be 
> represented in the Admin UI using the "Checkbox (nbsp)" widget.
> I still don't like the idea of multivalued fields - it goes against the 
> grain when you are using a RDMS - but it seems to work fine :).

Ok, I've got it working; thanks for getting me on my way!
While doing this I suddenly asked myself if it would be possible to 
avoid setting conflicting genres. Ie if horror=1 it would be unlikely to 
have set family=1. Is there a way to detect and prevent this?


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