[ic] troubles with modified database

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Fri Sep 10 18:46:38 EDT 2004

Patrick Donker wrote:
> Jamie, I could be wrong, but if I look at the shipping tab I only see 
> Taxable and Weight. Did you change anything in the meantime?

I think the demo resets itself every so often - it's back at defaults 
again now.

Basically all I did was to edit the metadata:

1) Set the widget type to a checkbox

2) Make sure the filter is blank

3) Set the options to value=label (e.g. 1=Western)

The result should be a checkbox with the label "Western" that when 
checked sets the field to a value of "1" (when unchecked the value is 

Checkbox (nbsp) allows the field to store multiple values:

1) Widget type is Checkbox (nbsp)

2) Filter is NULL to SPACE

3) Options are value=label, one per line

Result is a row of checkboxes with the labels Western, Manga and Cartoon 
of which any combination can be checked - values are stored space 
separated in the field.

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