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>Can someone explain to me how the OrderProfiles work, and how they apply 
>the taxes in the orders, and is it posible to define diferent checkout 
>proceses, for example, for international orders and US orders another?
>Daniel Castro

Order profiles validate the various inputs provided by the customer at 
checkout time, to ensure that data conforms to minimum requirements before 
the order can be submitted successfully. Profiles can also control 
subroutine calls and the setting of values as part of the checkout process. 
Take a look at the foundation demo profiles in etc/profiles.order, and read 
up on "Advanced Multi-Level Order Pages" in the Interchange Ecommerce 
Functions docs.

Taxes are generally not controlled by order profiles - the Salestax 
functions are what you need to look at for that. Generally speaking, Taxes 
in Interchange are triggered by geographic qualifiers like country and 
state, but of course you can roll your own routines from scratch if you are 
so inclined.

Another aspect of the ordering process that warrants examination is the 
Route directive, which allows you to define multiple processing steps to be 
executed when an order is submitted. Take a look at the Route directives in 
the foundation demo catalog.cfg, and read up on "Order Routing" in the 
Interchange Database docs.

Hope this helps.

- Ed

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